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Sourcing Seas Shells

Sourcing Sea ShellsForeverShell

One of the products that we love the most are our sea shells and one of the things we love about our sea shells is finding them. It all came about by accident to be honest, we were out walking the doggie on one of his favourite beaches and it happened to be a particularly low tide, it felt like the sea was miles out and there in front of us was just a blanket of flat soft sand, it was irresistible to the little pooch and off he went at the speed of light. When we finally caught up with him we were at the very end of the beach, it was whilst I was bent over catching my breath that I saw it there buried in the sand was a perfect scallop shell. It was an almost eureka moment and as I pointed it out to Anna a light bulb appeared above her head. We returned the next day to find more but it was high tide and there were no shells anywhere so we waited for a low tide and there they all were, a field of half buried shells. The secret had been revealed; low tide was when the treasure shows itself. It has become such a ritual now that we must look like mad creatures to the outside world scurrying over the beach half bent over and scanning the sand for a glimmer of shell. We love the differences between all the shells, we have never found two the same, all different sizes and shapes, from being tossed around by the sea and bashed against the rocks and colours some glimmer like rare gems and some are as black as tar from being buried in the silt. But all are beautiful in there own way and we just try to make them more so.True Love Shell, Painted Shell, Painted Scallop Shell, Shoreham Scallop, Swallow Shell, Sacred Stitches, Independent Brand, UK Brand, Brighton Shop, Made In England, Anchor Logo, Printed By The Seaside, Brighton Brand, Hand Made, Homewares, Cushion, Candles, Shells, Mug, Pillows, Gifts, Custom Gifts, Paint Your Own, Bed Linen, Alternative Gift, Gothic Gift, Nautical Gift, Zombie, Bedding, Painted Candle, Custom Mugs, Wall Plaque, Tote Bag, Custom Gifts, Personal Gift, Printed Gift, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, Birthday Present, One Off Gift, Prints, Artwork,