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Sacred Mandala Glass Candle – Scent, Musk & Sandalwood


Sacred Mandala Glass Candle

Eco Soy

Size: 7cm x 10cm 27cl

Burn time: 40-45h

Scent: Creamy Musk & Sandalwood

Wood Wick

Comes with presentation box.

Product Description

Sacred Mandala Glass Candle – Scent, Musk & Sandalwood

All our candles are hand mixed and poured in small batches often made to order in our workshop by the sea. All our candles are made from Eco Soy Wax which is cleaner burning, has no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants. It burns longer and more cleanly without soot build up and is much healthier and eco-friendly.Sacred Mandala, Candle