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Making our Limited Edition Denim Jackets

Denim Jackets by Sacred Stitches

Denim Jacket by Sacred Stitches & Ramon Maiden


The denim jacket is a wardrobe essential and makes any outfit look bad ass. That’s why we’ve designed two very special LIMITED EDITION jackets. And for one of them we’ve teamed up with our favourite alternative artist Ramon Maiden.

Cat sew on back Patch
Cat sew on back Patch

Sew On Cat Patch for denim jacket

Denim Jacket, Acid Wash

Stay Lucky, ‘Fortunate Fall’ Denim Jacket
– Acid Wash denim with patches –

  • 2 Chest Pockets
  • Dull silver shank buttons
  • Stay Lucky ‘Black Cat’ Back Patch
  • Front Logo Embroidered Patch on the chest pocket
  • Skull Enamel Pin Badge on the collar (removable)
  • Good Luck Horseshoe Patch

Felix Culpa Patch which is a Latin phrase for “happy fault” or “fortunate fall”.Denim JacketDenim Jacket by Ramon Maiden

From the first Levis denim jacket from 1874 to the New York streets of the late 70’s punk scene, denim jackets have hung in many wardrobes been strewn over the backs of many sofas.  This American working class staple can take on many looks and and do them all effortlessly well. But to me, it isn’t until there’s a large patch adorning the back and a pin badge on the collar that they truly come to life and get there own personality. The denim jacket is the perfect canvas to put your own stamp on and we have got that started for you with our two Limited Edition denim jackets.